Game Patchnotes

v1.5.0 - NFTs, Guilds, first PvP Mode - 2023-12-15

  • Introduced NFTs! Check the (Docs) for more details!

    • All Champz are now mintable as NFTs

    • To continue playing, the Champ must be minted and locked

    • Locked State: Can play the game, but NFT can not be sold or transferred to another wallet

    • Unlocked State: Can not play the game, but NFT can be sold or transferred to another wallet

    • The owner can switch between Lock/Unlock anytime (gas costs apply)

    • All Champz have been unequipped and ordered back to idle from foraging

  • Introduced Guilds! Check the (Docs) for more details!

    • Create/Edit Guild with logo - requires to hold >5 Mio $CHAMPZ

    • Guild can have up to 20 members

    • Guild Treasury: Share Spores, Truffles, Items

    • Guild Socials: Own Chat room per guild

    • Guld roles: Role management with various possibilities to assign different positions within a guild

    • Guild log: Keep an eye on what happened in your guild

  • Introduced a first version of PvP (BETA)! Check the (Docs) for more details!

    • Within a guild, player can compete against each other in friendly sparring fights

    • These are the first steps to a complex PvP system

  • Account Transfer

    • To consolidate accounts or if a wallet was compromised, the full account can be transferred

    • This feature is solely for wallet consolidation and in case of issues with wallets

    • We will monitor any abuse of this functionality to ensure a fair game for everyone

  • UX/UI Improvements

    • Filter for Level and Class fit in equip screen

    • Show total amount earned in ETH reward screen

    • Various screen improvements

    • Truffle rewards now rounded to hundrets

    • Consumables with 0 quantity are not shown anymore in the inventory

v1.4.0b - Halloween - 2023-10-30

  • Halloween events, items, enemies, quests

  • Explore to Fight mechanic in Halloween quests

v1.4.0a - Minor fixes - 2023-10-14

  • Fixed skip fight to the end button not showing for Reborn Champs Level 1

  • Daily burn leaderboard is now hidden

  • Daily burn truffle winners will be visible checking the history leaderboards

  • Revive disabled when Champ has 0 AP

v1.4.0 - Quests & Truffles - 2023-10-12

  • Introduced Quests

    • Rewards for Daily Login

    • 3 Quest slots per player per day. Quests earn you truffles, truffles can be swapped to ETH. Read everything about it in our Docs

  • Wallet Notification Log

    • The wallet notification log will inform you about events that you might have missed such as consumable drops for Foraging or Burn rewards

  • Gameplay updates

    • Burning rewards are back! Read everything about it in our Docs

    • Dead chars can not equip anymore

    • Revive does not restore any AP anymore

  • UI/UX updates

    • Account section in preferences gives detail insights on truffle earning bonus multiplier

    • A rebirthed char level 1 can now skip fights to the end

    • Clicking on the image of a item to be forged will show you its stats before you actually forge it

    • Attack min and Attack Max stats are now shown as combined Attack stat in fights. This is just visual. For the background calculation, the Attack Min and Attack Max are still in place.

    • Defense stats are now shown as rounded integer. This is just visual. For the background calculation, it still uses decimal places

    • Screen optimizations and sub navigation items

v1.3.0b - Small corrections - 2023-09-17

  • Corrected Last Shroom Standing bug

  • Renamed Last Shroom Standing to Last Champ Standing and will restart day 102

  • Character display in Last Champ Standing leaderboard now shows the stats and equipment out of the last wave

  • Explore events with text input can now be submitted by pressing Enter as well (<3 Domsy)

  • Service Worker update for cache management

v1.3.0a - Minor Bugfix - 2023-09-16

  • Fixed a bug not correctly resetting defense reduced by Break

v1.3.0 - Last Shroom Standing - 2023-09-15

  • Last Shroom Standing (Single)

    • Introduced game mode Last Shroom Standing. Season 1 starts on day 100. Check the (Docs) for more details

  • Item Forging

    • Introduced 42 new item forging combinations

    • Tridents are now forgable

    • Cursed items are now forgable. As they are cursed, combination keys need to be figured out

  • Smaller updates

    • Level 1 char will now only face level 1 enemies

    • Leaderboard now show rebirthed titles

    • Click a char on the leaderboard now shows it's stats

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed a bug not correctly applying lifesteal

    • Fixed a bug with critical strike item attribute display. Critical strike is a double damage, so the bonus dmg is 100%

v1.2.1 - Special Item Forging (2023-08-17)

  • Marketplace

    • Marketplace was moved from the Char navigation to the general one to get more space

    • Added sort by price or by time left functionality to marketplace

    • Consumables are now tradable

  • Forging

    • Special Items can now be forged

    • Consumables listed on the marketplace are deducted in their quantity for forging

    • Items listed on the marketplace are not available for forging

    • Unique Items are not shown in forging anymore

    • Learn everything about the item combination in (Item Combining)

  • Weapon Classes

    • Each character has a unique weapon class and each item is assigned to fit to either a specific weapon class, or to all

    • Char equipment screen now indicates if an item does not fit according to it's weapon class. Equipped either way, a weapon that does not fit will have it's base bonus attributes halfed

    • To avoid reequip cost for all, every offensive weapon have been automatically unequipped with the update and a free equip is granted to everyone

    • Learn everything about equiping in our (Docs)

v1.2.0a - Minor Fixes & Day Switch (2023-08-04)

  • Day Change

    • Day change now happens 9pm UTC instead of midnight UTC

  • Performance improvements on SPORE relevant transactions

  • Fixed spam prevention issue on Heal > Fight spam

v1.2.0 - Item combinations (Forging) & more (2023-07-30)

  • Forging

    • Offensive and Defensive Items can now be forged across 8 differents paths

    • In total, 130 items of different kinds are now available in the game

    • Items receive unique passive abilities with higher rariy levels

    • Learn everything about the item combination in (Item Combining)

  • Consumables

    • Introduced Consumables into the game. These are drops that can be used for certain purposes

    • This version features Consumables to be used for forging (Essences)

  • Text Filter

    • Inventory, Marketplace, Forging and Equip screen now received text filter to easy search for a name or specific attribute

  • Drop probabilities changed

    • With the introduction of Consumables and Forging, the item drop probabilitiy has been doubled

    • Increased the ETH package drop probability

  • Adapted tiered entries

    • Enabled access to the game from 35.000 $CHAMPZ onwards.

  • Smaller updates

    • Several small bug fixes and security fixes

    • Screen optimizations for Mobile and Desktop

    • Rebirth now automatically unequips a character

    • Implemented a check on the chars level & equipped items when going for a fight

v1.1.1c - Security patch & mobile screen fixes (2023-07-14)

  • Various security improvements

  • Mobile view fixes for Char Screen, Marketplace, Fight, Explore

v1.1.1b - Small Balance patch (2023-07-12)

  • Increased defense reduction of Break (Warriors ability) from -60% to -100%

  • Break now applies a stun for 1 instance

v1.1.1a - Mobile Screen improvements (2023-07-11)

  • Various screen improvements for mobile devices

v1.1.1 - Tiered Entries (2023-07-10)

  • Enabled access to the game from 100.000 $CHAMPZ onwards.

v1.1.0 - Mana, Abilities and Effects (2023-07-05)

  • Introduced Mana and a signature ability per class! Check the (Docs) for more details!

    • Alchemist - Spore Cloud

    • Hunter - Paralyzing Arrow

    • Jester - Confuse

    • Lumberjack - Spike Shield

    • Priest - Regenerate

    • Warrior - Break

  • Introduced Effects in Fights! Check the (Docs) for more details!

    • Accuracy reduced

    • Confused

    • Defense reduction

    • HP regeneration plus

    • Reflect damage

    • Stunned

  • UX/UI Improvements

    • Introduced Player Preferences to switch on info in fight automatically

    • Daily Burn leaderboard can now be traced back to day 15 (when it started)

    • Mobile Screen improvements, especially in fights

    • Rearranged some information positioning and size

    • Character ID now shown in the Character display

v1.0.2 - Arborethia's Blessing (2023-06-22)

  • Introduced Arborethia's blessing, higher valued ETH drops to catch. Check the (Arborethias Blessing) for more details!

  • You can now Burn2Earn. Check the (Burn baby burn...) for more details!

v1.0.1d - Minor Bugfix (2023-06-18)

  • Fixed mobile view for EXP Leaderboards

v1.0.1c - Play 2 Earn Update (2023-06-16)

  • The P2E rates have been updated, Threshold to access the game has been reduced. Check the (Play2Earn) for more details!

  • EXP Leaderboard introduced for all classes (styling follows)

v1.0.1b - New Burn mechanics (2023-06-13)

  • The Burn mechanics have been updated. Check the (Burn baby burn...) for more details!

v1.0.1a - Minor Balance Patch (2023-06-10)

  • Spore costs for Revive have been halfed

v1.0.1 - Play-2-Earn Launch! (2023-06-10)

  • Check the (Play2Earn) for more details!

v1.0.0a - Security Patch (2023-06-09)

  • Prevent character roll spamming

v1.0.0 - Initial Build (2023-06-08)

  • Create new character (Autoroll)

    • Alchemist

    • Hunter

    • Jester

    • Lumberjack

    • Priest

    • Warrior

  • Fighting (Single)

    • Standard Attack

    • Massive Attack

    • Flee

    • Missing

    • Passive Heal

    • Spores Loot

    • Item Loot

  • Foraging

  • Explore Events

  • Heal

  • Revive

  • Levelup

  • Item Slot Types

    • Attack

    • Defense

    • Special

  • Equip / Unequip

    • 1 Free Equip per Char, Slot and Level

  • Rebirth

    • Mushrooms having level 15 or higher can now choose to be reborn (Docs)

  • Inventory

  • Marketplace

    • List / Delist

    • Buy

  • Spores Log

  • Burn Spores

  • Day Switch

  • EXP Leaderboard

  • Burn Leaderboard

  • Preferences

    • Give your wallet a player name

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