Fighting (Squad PvE)

CostsPotential RewardPotential Risk

1 AP for each character

Exp, Items, Spores, ETH

HP reduction, Death

Squad fights represent an advanced iteration of traditional defense tactics in Arborethia. In this iteration, your squad, comprising up to four characters, engages in combat against an enemy squad of equivalent size. The core mechanics remain rooted in turn-based combat, ensuring strategic depth and tactical decision-making.

Enemies encountered in squad fights are calibrated to match the power level of your strongest character, with their levels falling within the range of +1/-1 relative to that benchmark. This ensures that encounters remain challenging yet balanced, requiring careful consideration of squad composition and strategic planning.

Successful engagement in squad fights yields tangible rewards for your characters. Defeating each enemy results in the character opposite gaining experience points and/or Spores/Items according to the characters level.

Accessing Squad Fights: Squad fights can be accessed through the Squad window, providing a dedicated interface for engaging in combat encounters.

Preconditions: Before initiating a squad fight, several conditions must be met:

  • Every character in the squad must possess at least 1 action point.

  • All characters must be in idle mode; any characters not in idle mode will be indicated accordingly.

Initiating Battle: Upon starting the fight, the battle screen emerges, presenting randomized enemies within the level range of +1/-1 relative to the highest level character in the squad.

Interface Elements:

  1. Character Selection: Enables the player to choose characters for battle.

  2. Action Selection: Allows selection of actions to be performed by the chosen characters.

  3. End Turn: Concludes the player's turn and executes the configured fight sequence.

  4. Show Stats: Displays the stats of each character.

  5. Show History: Reveals the fight history.

  6. Animation Speed: Adjusts animation speed (1x, 2x, 4x).

  7. Fight Sequence: Displays the configured fight sequence.

  8. Repeat Last Actions: Repeats the exact sequence from the previous round.

  9. Retreat: Allows the player to concede the fight.

Combat Flow: Players sequentially select characters and actions, which are then displayed in the sequence section. Upon ending the turn, the sequence is executed in the specified order. After each character action, an enemy character responds. If a character's action is not feasible (e.g., due to stun or target elimination), the character remains idle.

Sequence Adjustment: Before concluding the round, players can modify the sequence or individual actions by clicking on a mushroom or the "X" in the sequence display and setting new actions for their characters.

Repeat Last Actions: This button replicates the exact sequence used in the previous turn.

Rewards and Sudden Death:

  • Victory rewards are granted for each defeated enemy, with rewards corresponding to the level of the opposing mushroom character.

  • Beginning with round 5, sudden death damage is applied at the end of each round, starting at 3% of characters' max health and increasing by 3% each subsequent round. If both teams are entirely defeated in the same round, the fight ends in a draw with no rewards distributed.

In-Game Introduction: Upon the player's first squad fight, an in-game introduction provides guidance. This introduction can be revisited by activating it in the player's account options.

Heavy attack:

  • Heavy attacks deal double damage and also have a splash damage effect.

  • Melee Characters: If a melee character hits a heavy attack, it also damages the enemy beside the target.

  • Ranged Characters: If a ranged character hits a heavy attack, it also damages the character behind the target.

  • Magic Characters: If a magic character hits a heavy attack, it also damages the character in the diagonal position to the target.

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