Official Blockchain addresses

Find here the only ETH addresses linked to the Champz team

$CHAMPZ Contract: 0x571E21a545842C6CE596663cdA5CaA8196AC1c7A

--> The only CHAMPZ related ERC-20 Token

--> Accumulates the 5% taxes from Buy/Sell/Transfer to swap them into ETH on random triggers

P2E Claim Contract: 0x8867aD01884dB15d42518D5502a5c0A53fA3809F

--> Contract to claim swapped Truffles to your wallet in form of ETH

Truffle Purchase Contract: 0x074a4545c46caC6d3C38012c3b3fca5a5d73e893

--> Contract to purchase Truffles with ETH

Deployer Wallet: 0xA66EBD831df2Ebf5310DaEc4e7D885df8398b696

--> Receives 20% of the taxes

P2E Funding Wallet: 0x8407cce8B48Cf7B31889542f6A24f085a8E56e80

--> Receives 40% of the taxes

--> Funds the P2E Claim contract an the Burn Wallet

Burn Wallet: 0x0c0d7E23A76D6881e2b3D7C749cab801F55A8f9a

--> Funded from P2E Funding Wallet - not used anymore

--> Used to Buy Back & Burn $CHAMPZ - functionality inactive

Team Wallet: 0x4f13CcD82a16664cd735dc48660963D4731c7427 --> Receives 40% of the taxes

--> Used for Marketing, Game Development, Daily operations, Legal and Accounting Services

Tax Trigger Wallet: 0xA6A880f777470e4D493d1b490790CFB0844A9736

--> Triggers the swap of taxed $CHAMPZ to ETH at random times

--> In some tools (Dextools, Dexscreener, ...) it will appear as if this wallet sold $CHAMPZ. This however is not the case

Community Will Wallet: 0xDb84DFBef0f89EAbBd7220A6B6C98120517463B7

--> The player Community has the option to donate truffles in order to initiate Buy Backs, Wallet Fundings, Tournaments etc (Action to be decided by voting). In case this action requires a blockchain transaction, this wallet will take care.

Neo Tokyo S1 Wallet: 0x64c96EFBcE7AF236690c49011130c2eEC9f877b5

--> Our valuable Neo Tokyo Citizen is held in a separate wallet for security reasons

Neo Tokyo S2 Wallet: 0x1DD325d86DaEEBAAbaD3d06DE74a8E2EC5A3177E

--> Our valuable Neo Tokyo Outer Citizen is held in a separate wallet for security reasons

NFT Proxy Contract: 0x0c5E8068bB4edBC6512EFf42DA1F40E67081e3d1

This list will always be updated. Last Update: 11.06.2024

Please note that the Champz team does not own any ENS. Any champz related ENS showing up on NFT Markets or Holder lists is not related to the team.

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