some frequently asked questions

How to play the game? To play the game, you simply need to log into the game and create your squad of up to six characters (Champz).

Do i need a Champ NFT? No you can play the game wihtout a NFT. If you want to play with mroe than 6 Champz you need to acquire additional Champz NFTs.

Where can i buy a Champ NFT? Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/champz-official

Where can i access the game? https://play.champz.world

Is there a whitepaper available? / Where can I find important information about the game? https://docs.champz.world - right here where you are

How can i earn ETH? Hold at least 100 $CHAMPZ or at least one Champz NFT and complete daily truffle quests and your daily login - refer to Play and Earn.

Can i earn ETH as a Free2Play Player? Yes, by winning the burn raffle, being lucky and looting Arborethias blessing or selling your item on the truffle market place - refer to Play and Earn

Why is there a transfer tax? Champignons of Arborethia is a token-gated experience. Holding tokens allows you to log into the game. To avoid abuse by sending tokens back and forth between wallets we applied a 5% transfer tax.

Can I try out the game? There is a demo version available without the need to login with a wallet. https://demo.champz.world

Youtube, Twitter, TikTok? https://www.youtube.com/ChampzERC https://twitter.com/ChampzErc https://www.tiktok.com/@ChampzERC

How much Champz can i get? Every Player can roll up to 6 F2P Champz. More Champz can be acquired as NFTs. Players are limited to play 6 F2P Champz and additional 2 Champz NFT. However if a player holds more than 50.000 $CHAMPZ in his wallet the character limit is removed for that wallet.

What if i lose connection during playing? Once you logged in again you can continue playing at the point that you lost connection.

Where can I get updates? The team is constantly working on updates in the background. You will always get the latest news in the telegram channel - please seek for information there (most likely pinned messages).

"Can you implement xyz...?", "i have an amazing idea...", "How about reaching out to xyz.." If you have any ideas regarding the game, the project, etc., please submit them under https://forms.gle/7vFhSrSQ1Xyat2218 or write an email directly to ideas@champz.world

Where is the team located? The core team is located in Austria.

KYC? Champignons of Arborethia and $CHAMPZ is a property of a registered company in Austria.

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