Champz (Champignons of Arborethia) is a browser-based RPG (Role-playing game) that brings back the 1990s gaming vibes. The story centers around six mushroom species, living around Arborethia, the tree of life, acting as the last line of defense against its enemies.

In total, you can acquire and play with 9000 unique mushrooms and countless Free2Play characters. Wander around, explore the land to expand their habitat and experience all kinds of daily adventures. By completing tasks and quests, players can gain experience, Spores (in game currency), various helpful items or truffles, which can be exchanged for ETH.

Alternatively, our mushy heroes can be ordered to forage to earn even more Spores and Experience.

Each tribe has its own profession and while one might be better at fighting, others might have benefits in exploring or foraging.

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