Embark on a thrilling journey within your guild as members engage in friendly duels—a no-risk, no-reward option designed for training, strategy refinement, and sheer enjoyment.

Key Features:

  1. Challenge Mechanism:

    • Guild members can challenge each other to friendly duels, enhancing camaraderie and providing an avenue for skill development.

  2. No-Risk, No-Reward:

    • Friendly duels carry no consequences for character health, mana, or state. It's a purely recreational feature, perfect for training or fun purposes.

  3. Character Selection:

    • Once a duel is accepted, both parties choose their characters. Regardless of the character's current state, each duel begins with full health and mana, with a maximum of 2 mana (unless altered by items).

Duel Mechanics:

  1. Round-based Combat:

    • Each round, randomly determined, decides the starting player. You have 10 seconds to choose your action, and if no choice is made, a standard attack is automatically performed.

  2. Sudden Death Damage:

    • Starting from round 8, characters experience sudden death damage. It begins at 2% of the character's max health and increases by 2% every subsequent round (e.g., round 9: 4%, round 10: 6%, and so forth).

  3. Draw Resolution:

    • If both characters' HP is reduced below 0 in the same round, the result is declared as a draw.

Notification and Participation:

  1. Challenging Process:

    • Guildmates receive popup notifications when challenged and can accept or decline the duel if they are online.

  2. Accessible Training:

    • Friendly duels provide a low-pressure environment for guild members to refine their skills, experiment with strategies, and enjoy the thrill of friendly competition.

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