Free2Play Champz

This document outlines the implementation and functionality of Free2Play (F2P) Champz in the game.

Free2Play Champz provide an alternative to NFT Champz, allowing players to fully engage with the game without purchasing NFTs. The main differences are that F2P Champz are offchain and have uniform visual appearances.

Accessing the game

  • Login: Players begin by logging into the game using their ethereum wallet.

Creating Free2Play Champz

  • Rolling New Champz: Upon logging in, players can roll up to six new Champz.

  • Class Selection: Players choose from six available classes (classes) during the roll process. Each class offers unique attributes and roles within the game.

Starting Attributes

  • Initial Attributes: Each Champ starts with the minimum attributes specific to their class. These attributes can be rerolled to get more powerful (rerolling).

Gameplay with Free2Play Champz

  • Experience: F2P Champz provide the same gameplay experience as NFT Champz. Players can participate in all game activities, quests, and battles (actions) without any restrictions. The gameplay mechanics and content are identical for both F2P and NFT characters.

Key Differences from NFT Champz

  • Offchain Storage: F2P Champz are stored and managed offchain, in contrast to NFT Champz which are blockchain-based.

  • Uniform Visual Representation: F2P Champz have a standardized visual appearance. All Champz of a specific class look the same, unlike NFT characters which have unique visual traits.


The introduction of Free2Play Champz ensures that all players have access to the full game experience without the need for purchasing NFTs. By allowing players to roll and customize up to six Champz, select their classes, and start with class-specific attributes, the game offers an inclusive and engaging experience. While F2P Champz are offchain and visually uniform, they maintain the same gameplay capabilities and opportunities as their NFT counterparts.

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