Buying truffles (Eth/Truffles)

Players can purchase truffles using ETH through the Truffle Buy menu.

Accessing the Buy Menu

  • Accessing the Menu: To access the Truffle Buy menu, players simply click on their truffle balance displayed in the game interface.

Buying Truffles

  • Entering Truffle Amount: In the buy menu, players can enter the desired amount of truffles they wish to purchase. The corresponding price in ETH will be displayed automatically.

  • Tax Rates: Each truffle purchase is subject to taxes. The tax rate decreases as the amount of truffles purchased increases. The tax rate starts at 30% for the minimum purchase of 10,000 truffles.

Tax Table

Truffles PurchasedTax Rate (%)

10,000 - 99,999


100,000 - 499,999


500,000 - 999,999


1,000,000 - 4,999,999


5,000,000 +


Purchase Confirmation

  • Buy Button: After entering the desired amount of truffles, pressing the "Buy" button will open a confirmation popup.

  • Popup Confirmation: The popup will display the transaction details, including the amount of truffles and the total price in ETH

  • Blockchain Action: Upon confirming the purchase in the popup, a blockchain action will be triggered.

  • Wallet Signature: Players will be prompted to sign the transaction with their wallet. Once signed, the transaction will be performed on the blockchain and gas fees will apply


The new truffle buying functionality allows players to purchase truffles with ETH directly from their truffle balance menu. By entering the desired amount of truffles, players can see the price in ETH and understand the applicable tax rate, which decreases with larger purchases.

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