Play and Earn (ETH)

The more you play and strategically manage your $CHAMPZ tokens, the greater your rewards. So, sharpen skills, gather tokens, and embark on your journey towards truffles and ETH.

Play-and-Earn Mechanics

Welcome to the exciting world of Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming! In this guide, we'll dive into the mechanics that make P2E games unique and rewarding.

Daily Quests and Truffles

Disclaimer: To get access to the daily truffle quests and the daily truffle login bonus you need to hold at least 100 $CHAMPZ or one NFT Champ in your wallet. The participation in the daily burn raffle is not conditioned to any holdings. Each day, players are presented with a set of quests designed to challenge their skills and wit. These quests are your gateway to earning Truffles, the in-game currency with real-world value. The number of Truffles you receive for completing a quest depends on its difficulty; tougher quests yield more Truffles. It's important to note that harder quests are expected to take longer to complete.

$CHAMPZ Token Multiplier

Here's where your strategic thinking can really pay off. Your quest rewards receive a boost based on the number of $CHAMPZ tokens you hold in your wallet, calculated linearly with the percentage of $CHAMPZ you are holding, and this calculation is based on the active players' $CHAMPZ holdings of the day before including the $CHAMPZ contract and LP. The more tokens you hold as a percentage, the higher the multiplier, meaning larger Truffle rewards for your efforts. If you hold less than 50.000 $CHAMPZ in your wallet, each quest will be rewarded with 100 Truffles. But wait, there's more! If you maintain a "HODL" strategy and abstain from selling or transferring any $CHAMPZ tokens for a continuous 30-day period, your reward multiplier doubles. Plus, the multiplier is tiered, meaning that the more $CHAMPZ tokens you accumulate, the greater the bonus multiplier.

You current multiplier can be found in your account settings

Quest Completion and Renewal

When you successfully complete a quest, your Truffle rewards are credited to your account immediately. A fresh quest becomes available for you to tackle the next day. But what if you don't fancy the quest you've drawn? No worries! You have the option to redraw one quest daily. Additionally, if you decide to dismiss a quest, a new one will be waiting for you on the following day.

Daily Login Bonus

Log in daily to reap the rewards! The daily login bonus is a fantastic way to kickstart your P2E adventure. It starts at 20 Truffles on your first day, and the generosity increases each day you log in, reaching a whopping 140 Truffles on the seventh day.

Moreover, for every rebirthed NFT Champ in your wallet, you'll receive a bonus of 10 Truffles each day. And if you're a seasoned player with double rebirthed Champz, you get an impressive bonus of 20 Truffles for each of them.

DayLogin Bonuse.g. Bonus for 3 rebirthed Champz






















Burn and Earn

Every day, 2 packages á 50,000 Truffles, 20 Grand Burn Treasures and 50 Burn Treasures will be raffled off to different players that contributed at least 1000 Spores to the daily burn. There will be multiple raffles, for different leaderboard positions. The burning window can be accessed when clicking on your SPORES balance.


  • Top 2, 1 Truffle package

  • Top 10, 1 Truffle package

  • Top 100, 10 Grand Burn Treasures and 30 Burn Treasures

  • All burn participants that burned at least 1.000 Spores, 10 Grand Burn Treasures and 20 Burn Treasures

A player can only win one package/Treasure a day, even if he is qualified for more than one raffle. The content of the Burn Treasures can be inspected in-game.

Claim ETH

So how do you get your ETH now? Your truffles can be swapped to ETH packages at a fixed rate in the truffles log screen. This will create an ETH package reserved to your account that is claimable whenever you like.

Disclaimer: Please note that the ETH to earn is funded by token taxes of the $CHAMPZ token.

We will control the Truffle Rewards in the best possible manner to ensure a smooth continuous earning experience for every player.

Playing Champignons of Arborethia, you accept that the Truffle Rewards might be adapted (positively or negatively) by the team any time based on the tax income. This also included a potential halt of the Truffle Rewards.

Once the Truffles are swapped for ETH in the above shown Truffles section, the ETH become claimables packages.

A package is showcased in the claim section and can be claimed there. Upon pressing the claim button you will need to interact with your Ethereum wallet to sign the transaction and pay gas fees for the claim.

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