Similar to mushrooms, items possess diverse traits that differ in the potency of their modifiers. Notably, rarer items boast more advantageous modifiers. Items will be released in multiple batches; There will be more item batches when the game progresses.

There are four item categories, three of which are designated as equipable and every character can equip one item of these categories.

  • Offensive (equipable)

  • Defensive (equipable)

  • Special (equipable)

  • Consumables

Items that are not equipped in alignment with their designated item class (for example, placing a melee weapon on a melee character) will incur a 50% reduction of their main attribute (e.g. Attack for weapons). The weapon class and the attribute will be highlighted in red if equipped on a character with a different weapon class.

Offensive items typically bring bonuses that directly modify the output damage in a fight.

Offensive ItemItem ClassTraitValue

Common Axe


+ Base Attack


Rare Bow


+ Base Attack


Defensive items typically increase the defense of a mushroom.

Defensive ItemTraitValue

Common Shield

+ Base Defense


Rare Shield

+ Base Defense


Special items bring various bonuses from extra AP over bonuses in fights to a higher chance for special events.

Special ItemTraitModifier

Common Coffee Bean

Staking modifier


Common Vitamin D

+ HP per round


Common Talisman

+ max HP


Common Exp Book

Exp modifier




These are powerful items used for forging and enhancing other items, guiding them

Common Essences:

1. Essence of the Soil 2. Essence of the Wind 3. Essence of the Sun 4. Essence of the Rain

Rare Essences:

5. Essence of Life 6. Essence of Death

Legendary Essence:

7. Essence of the Unicorn These Essences can be used in differet recipes to forge powerful items (see Forging).

8. Mycelium Essence

The Mycelium Essence is the rarest of the Essences and is will be used for "Expansion and Growth" in Arborethia. This Essence is a very valuable resource for guilds as well as individual players.


These items can provide various bonuses or rewards when used, adding strategic depth to gameplay.

Item equipping

Items can be equipped and re-equipped at any time. Equipping is free when

  • A mushroom never had an item equipped on the corresponding slot

  • A mushroom leveled up

In all other cases, equipping comes with SPORES cost.

Any item that is replaced by a new one will be moved into the player's inventory.


Any item that is not equipped can be sold through the marketplace. The price as well as the duration that the item is displayed can be chosen (from 1 hour up to 3 days). Items on the marketplace can be bought by every other account that has the required SPORES available. The item can be canceled from the marketplace at any time.

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