Fighting (Squad PvP)

CostsPotential RewardPotential Risk

potentially SPORES, Truffles (wager)

SPORES, Truffles (wager)

HP reduction, Death

Player vs. Player (PvP) fights represent a strategic evolution from traditional defense tactics in Arborethia. In these encounters, your squad of up to four characters faces off against an enemy squad of equal size, maintaining the turn-based combat system for tactical depth.

Accessing PvP Battles: PvP battles are accessible via the PvP icon prominently displayed on the main screen of the game interface.

Match Request Settings: Players initiating a PvP battle can customize various parameters:

  • Squad size (2v2, 3v3, 4v4)

  • Maximum character level

  • Round timer

  • Animation speed (applied for both players throughout the match)

  • Sudden death round (defines when sudden death damage starts, default is round 5)

Additionally, a wagering system enhances the competitive aspect of PvP battles. Players can choose to set a wager in either spores or truffles currency. Both players must have at least the wagered amount of spores or truffles in their account to participate. The winner of the battle receives the wager from both players upon completion.

Password Protection: For added privacy, players have the option to set a password when creating a match request. Only players who know the password can join the match.

Match Creation and Acceptance: Once a match request is created, it appears in the match list, displaying all its parameters. The player enters an idle animation while waiting for the match to be accepted.

Upon acceptance, the match begins, and the battle preperation screen is shownd. Players can chose and adjust their squad formation and character equipment without affecting their squad template. Characters that do not meet the requirements for the match are marked accordingly.

Pre-Battle Preparation: After both players have finalized their formations and hit the ready button, a countdown begins, and the battle screen is shown.

Battle Mechanics: The mechanics of PvP battles closely resemble those of Squad PvE fights (Squad PvE), with a few notable differences:

  • There is no option to change animation speed during the match.

  • Player 1, the match initiator, performs the first action in every round of combat.

  • A round timer is enforced, limiting the time each player has to select their fight sequence. If both players finalize their sequences and hit the End Round button before the timer expires, the round concludes immediately. Otherwise, any player who fails to finalize their sequence before the timer runs out will have their characters perform standard attacks on the enemy with the least remaining health percentage.

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