The Future

In parallel to developing the game further with some ideas in the making and the community feedback, the team will also work on further coin exposure. Our target is to create an entertaining game that you can play with minimal effort during boring meetings or whenever you feel like it. While playing, you implicitly work on improving your bag by earning ETH or deflating $CHAMPZ.

The game itself will be further developed to get new functionality, more complex fights, PVP fights with ETH wager, just everything a RPG needs. Some of these features are already worked on, others a bit more down the road. One big thing will be the portation to mobile with a standalone app for a wider audience. At that point the game would not be token holder exclusive, while the p2e and p2b functons still are. This brings the possibility of common mobile app functions, like e.g. microtransactions for the benefit of every token holder.

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