Squads serve as versatile templates designed to streamline both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) battles within Arborethia. These templates store mushroom formations, allowing players to easily reuse their preferred compositions for various encounters. With squads, a single mushroom can be utilized across multiple templates, offering flexibility and efficiency in squad management.

Accessing Squad Menu: The Squad Menu in the game can be conveniently accessed through the Squad Tab located on the main screen.

Creating a New Squad: Upon selecting "Create New Squad" within the Squad Menu, players will be presented with a grid interface. This grid represents the formation of the squad, allowing players to strategically position their characters.

Positioning Characters: Within the grid interface, players can select a position and assign a character from their roster to fill it. There are four distinct positions available:

  1. #1 Frontrow

  2. #2 Frontrow

  3. #1 Backrow

  4. #2 Backrow

It's important to note that characters positioned in the back row can only be targeted by ranged attacks if the corresponding front row position is occupied by another character. However, if the front row position is vacant or the occupying character is defeated, melee attacks can also target back row characters. This mechanic adds depth to gameplay strategy, encouraging players to carefully consider their squad composition and positioning. To aid players in visualizing opposing character matchups, a color scheme is implemented within the squad interface. This color scheme indicates which characters will be opposite each other during battles. For example, Player #1 Front Row may be designated with a certain color, indicating that they will face off against Enemy # Front Row.

Customization Options: Players have the flexibility to customize their squad configurations at any time within the Squad Menu. This includes the ability to:

  • Change the selected character in each position.

  • Equip or change equipment for individual characters.

  • Name and save the squad configuration for easy access in future battles.

Optimizing Strategy: Effective squad management involves not only selecting powerful characters but also positioning them strategically to maximize their strengths while mitigating vulnerabilities. By leveraging the positioning mechanics and considering the strengths and weaknesses of each character, players can develop formidable squad compositions tailored to their preferred playstyle and objectives.

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