Revenue Share

Our revenue share program is designed to reward token holders by reflecting a portion of our gross revenue back to them. Here are the details of the program:


To be eligible for the revenue share, holders must have at least 50,000 $CHAMPZ tokens.

Revenue Share Allocation

  • Percentage: 20% of our gross revenue will be reflected back to all eligible token holders.

  • Proportional Distribution: Holders will receive a share proportional to their token holdings. For example, if a holder owns 0.5% of the total supply, they will receive 0.53% of the revenue share. The revenue share percentage will be higher than the holding percentage since the burned tokens are deducted in the calculation.

Snapshot and Distribution

  • Snapshot Timing: The snapshot for holdings is taken on the last day of each month.

  • Revenue Calculation: The revenue that is shared will be from the previous month.

    • Example: The snapshot taken on May 31st will determine the revenue share based on the revenue from April.

  • Distribution Timing: In the two weeks following the snapshot, the revenue share will be airdropped to each holder as Truffles.

  • Truffles to ETH Swap: Truffles can be swapped to ETH at a fixed ratio. To swap, holders need to log in with their wallet at and refer to the claim section (Refer to Claim ETH).

Income Streams

Currently, there are three income streams contributing to the gross revenue:

  1. Token Taxes: Includes a 5% buy/sell tax and a 5% transfer tax. (Refer to Tokenomics)

  2. NFT Royalties: Revenue generated from NFT transactions. (official CHAMPZ NFT collection)

  3. Ingame Truffle Spendings: Revenue from in-game purchases such as rerolling. (Refer to rerolling)

Example Calculation

June Revenue Share:

  • Token Taxes: 20 ETH

  • NFT Royalties: 1 ETH

  • Ingame Spendings: 9 ETH

Gross Revenue for June: 30 ETH Revenue to be Shared (20% of Gross Revenue): 6 ETH

If you hold 0.5% of the total $CHAMPZ supply, you will receive:

  • 0.5% of 6 ETH: 0.03 ETH worth of Truffles, airdropped to your account.

Future Income Streams

We plan to introduce additional income streams in the future to further enhance the revenue share program. These may include:

  • Ad Revenue: Earnings from advertisements displayed within the platform.

  • Microtransactions: Small in-game purchases that contribute to the overall revenue.

These additional streams will increase the total gross revenue, providing more significant returns to $CHAMPZ token holders.


The revenue share program is an excellent way for $CHAMPZ token holders to benefit from the platform's success. By maintaining a minimum holding of 50,000 $CHAMPZ tokens, you can receive a monthly share of the gross revenue, distributed proportionally to your token holdings. The revenue is derived from multiple income streams, ensuring a robust and rewarding system for our community.

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