Account inactivity / Account deactivation

This page outlines the procedures and consequences associated with account inactivity.

Inactivity Periods and Actions

  1. 90 Days of Inactivity:

    • Definition: An account is considered inactive if there has been no login activity for 90 days.

    • Actions Taken:

      • The account status is set to inactive.

      • Characters are moved from Forage back to Idle state.

      • Spores and Truffle balances, as well as ETH packages, are archived.

    • Reactivation: The account can be reactivated upon request. Users will need to contact customer support (discord ticket) to restore their archived balances and packages.

  2. 180 Days of Inactivity:

    • Definition: An account is considered for permanent deletion if there has been no login activity for 180 days.

    • Actions Taken:

      • The account is permanently deleted, including all items and in-game assets (including truffles)

      • Free-to-Play characters are deleted.

      • Blockchain characters remain unaffected.

Exemption for High-Value Accounts

  • $CHAMPZ Token Holders: Any account that holds at least 50,000 $CHAMPZ tokens will never be set to inactive, regardless of the login activity. This ensures that high-value accounts remain secure and retain their assets without the need for regular logins.

Reactivation Process

If an account has been set to inactive after 90 days of inactivity, users can reactivate their account by following these steps:

  1. Contact customer support through the discord ticket system

  2. Provide necessary account verification details as requested by the support team.

  3. Request the restoration of archived Spores, Truffle balances, and ETH packages.

Permanent Deletion

After 180 days of inactivity, the account and all associated items and assets (excluding Blockchain characters) are permanently deleted. This process is irreversible, and users will not be able to recover any deleted data or characters.

Important Notes

  • Free-to-Play Characters: These characters are subject to deletion after 180 days of inactivity.

  • Blockchain Characters: These characters remain intact and are not affected by the inactivity policies.

  • $CHAMPZ Token Exemption: Accounts holding at least 50,000 $CHAMPZ tokens are exempt from being set to inactive or deleted.

Users are encouraged to log in regularly to avoid the consequences of inactivity and ensure their accounts and assets remain active and secure.

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