Effects are modifiers to the chars or opponents abilities or stats. The current game version features six different effects and more will be added gradually over time.

Effects can be applied by using Abilities or passively with an attack (When the attacker has the correct equipment or passive ability)

Effects work in instances. This means, whenever the effect actually takes effect (kek), it will reduce an instance. This is not to be confused with the number of rounds. When an effect is applied, it will be shown above the health bar of a character or opponent in the fight.

In this example, a Defense reduction effect is applied for 3 instances. If this opponent is attacked, their defense is reduced, so the attack will deal more damage. After the effect was used one time, the instance count will be reduced. If the attack misses, no instance will be taken away. Every successful attack will reduce one instance from the effect, pointing out the clear difference between instances and rounds.

Some more key bullet points around Effects:

  • In the current Game version, effects are only applied within the existing fight and not ported over to the next fight

  • Multiple different Effects can be applied to one char / opponent

  • Effects are on top of character attributes and do not replace them

  • If the same Effect is applied again, it will refresh its original number of instances (rather than stack the instance numbers)

Following effects are existing in the current game's version:


Accuracy reduced

The accuracy is reduced, any attack performed by this char has a higher probability to miss


Character will hit a random target with his attack/spell out of confusion.

Defense reduction

The defense is reduced. Therefore every physical attack to this character will deal more damage

HP regeneration plus

Character will heal for that % of their max HP per round.

Reflect Damage

Incoming damage is reduced by a certain % and damage is dealt back to the attacker automatically (reflection)


As long as this is effect is applied, the char cannot take any action


Poisoned character gets 40% of the attack damage of the character that inflicted the poison effect


Bleeding character gets 10% of his max HP as damage.

Damage reduction

The damage is reduced. Therefore every physical attack by this char will deal less damage

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