Guild formation

Guild Access:

Upon entering the guild area without being a member of any guild, players will encounter a comprehensive list of all created guilds. This presents the following options:

  1. Guild List:

    • A curated list displaying all existing guilds within the gaming realm.

  2. Join Guild:

    • Players have the option to request membership to any guild that has not reached its maximum capacity of 20 members.

  3. Create Guild:

    • For those aspiring to forge their own guild, the "Create Guild" option is available. This empowers players to establish their guild and define its unique identity.

Guild Creation Process:

  1. Navigate to Guild Area:

    • Access the guild area from the main menu if not currently a member of any guild.

  2. Create Guild Option:

    • Choose the "Create Guild" option to initiate the guild creation process.

  3. Token Requirement:

    • Confirm possession of the necessary 5 million $CHAMPZ tokens. These tokens will not be spent but are essential for initiating the guild creation process.

  4. Guild Customization:

    • Enter the following details to personalize your guild:

      • Guild Name: Choose a distinctive name for your guild.

      • Abbreviation: Provide a concise abbreviation for your guild.

      • Descriptive Text: Craft a brief but informative description of your guild.

      • Logo: Upload or design a logo that represents the identity of your guild.

  5. Confirm and Create:

    • Review and confirm the entered details.

    • Upon confirmation, your guild will be created, and you will be designated as the guild leader.

Guild Establishment:

Congratulations! Your guild is now established, and you have the privilege of shaping its identity. As the guild leader, you hold the reins of leadership, responsible for managing members, resources, and the overall direction of your guild.

Token Limitation:

  1. Maximum Guild Holding:

    • The total amount of $CHAMPZ tokens held collectively by all guild members, excluding the guild leader, must not exceed 20 million tokens.

  2. Exclusion of Guild Leader's Tokens:

    • The guild leader's personal $CHAMPZ token holdings are not factored into the overall guild limit. This allows the guild leader flexibility in managing their personal resources.

Important Considerations:

  • Token Usage: The 5 million $CHAMPZ tokens are a necessary requirement but remain untouched during the guild creation process.

  • Customization Flexibility: Take advantage of the customization options to make your guild stand out and reflect its unique personality.

  • Guild Leadership: As the guild leader, you have the authority to assign roles, manage the guild treasury, and lead your members to victory.

The Guild System invites you to forge your own path, unite like-minded individuals, and embark on a journey of collective triumphs. Best of luck in creating and leading your guild to greatness!

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