A day in “Arborethia” has 24h in real life. Each Champ starts a new day with a base amount of Action Points (AP) and Health Points (HP). As long as a character is alive, different activities can be performed, costing different amounts of AP each.


A Champ can be assigned to forage Spores. The reward (Spores and Exp) depends progressively on the level of the staked mushroom and the AP used (see Foraging).


The Champ can be ordered to defend Arborethia against various attacking creeps. Defenders will gain experience (Exp) with every victorious fight and have a chance for a loot drop (Items, Spores). A lost fight leads to the Champ's death. But fear not, Arborethia is the tree of life. It revives every fallen defender, when a new day begins (see Fighting/Squad fighting).


Player vs. Player (PvP) fights represent a strategic evolution from traditional defense tactics in Arborethia. In these encounters, your squad of up to four Champz faces off against an enemy squad of equal size, maintaining the turn-based combat system for tactical depth (see PvP).


Send your Champ on text based adventures where the player takes active decisions in little story driven events (see Exploring).


When a Champ dies, it can be revived during the day for Spores. Revive will not restore any Action Points (AP), if not revived actively he will be revived automatically on the next day.

Level up:

To level up, the Champ needs to be alive, exceed the Exp threshold and spend a certain amount of Spores. This amount will increase significantly with each level. An executed level up refreshes Health Points (HP) but does not restore any Action Points (AP).

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