The Play2Claim feature introduces an engaging and time-sensitive gameplay mechanic that allows players to earn the opportunity to claim a randomly generated character as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Similar to whitelist spots, players can receive Play2Claim slots, providing them access to a unique character that they can potentially make permanent.


  1. Play2Claim Slots Distribution:

    • Play2Claim slots are distributed similarly to whitelist spots for an ETH wallet, granting players the chance to experience the game with a randomly generated character. This slots can be aquired through different giveaways, tournaments, campains or partnerships.

  2. Tasks and Timeframe:

    • Upon entering the game using a Play2Claim slot, players have 14 days to complete specific tasks to be eligible for claiming the character as an NFT.

    • The tasks include:

      • Daily Logins: Players must log in daily for at least 7 days.

      • Reach Character Level 4: Players must achieve a character level of 4 within the 14-day period.

Claiming Process:

  1. Successful Completion:

    • If players successfully fulfill both tasks within the given timeframe, they become eligible to claim the character they played with as an NFT (refer to NFT Claim)

  2. Unsuccessful Completion:

    • If players fail to complete the tasks within the specified 14 days, the character generated during the Play2Claim period will vanish.


  1. NFT Reward:

    • Successfully completing the tasks within the timeframe allows players to claim the character they played with as an NFT, adding a valuable and unique asset to their collection.

  2. Engagement and Motivation:

    • The Play2Claim feature incentivizes daily engagement and progression by setting specific tasks, providing players with a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to secure a character permanently.


The Play2Claim feature adds a dynamic and time-sensitive element to the gameplay experience, encouraging player engagement and providing a unique opportunity to acquire NFT characters. By successfully completing the specified tasks within the given timeframe, players can enhance their in-game assets and enjoy the benefits of their dedication and skill.

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