Abilities (Magic Spells)

Every class in Champignons of Arborethia comes with a dedicated, so-called signature ability. This ability is class specific and can not be changed. However, future versions of the game will allow equipping a specific Champ with multiple additional abilities.

Abilities can be seen as magic spells and consume Mana when casted. Every ability will have a specific Mana cost assigned that is shown in the Fight screen in a little blue box.

This spell costs 1 Mana to be casted.

Mana is a limited resource that works with the similar key mechanics as HP:

  • Every character has a certain number of Mana. Per default, every character will receive 3 Mana. Mana is shown as blue bars in the Character Menu and in the Fight Screen

  • The Mana amount is ported over to the next fight. Means if 1 out of 3 Mana was consumed in Fight #1 of the day, the char will only have 2 out of 3 Mana available for the next fight. It's therefore important to think about the best timing to use an ability. The current Mana amount can be seen by counting the blue Mana bars or mouseover the bar.

  • Mana will reset every day to it's base amount

  • Mana is consumed when an ability is casted (number depending on the ability)

  • Unlike HP,

    • the char does not regenerate Mana after fight

    • Mana is not dividable, therefore has no comma values

    • Mana can not be refreshed during the day yet (like Heal)

Signature Abilities

The signature abilities per class all have one thing in common: They do not directly deal damage to the enemies. They will apply so-called Effects to either your char or the enemy that might have the result of dealing damage.

ClassAbility NameAbility DescriptionMana Cost


Spore Cloud

Obstruct the opponent's vision with a cloud of spores. Reduces their accuracy by 75% for 3 instances.



Paralyzing Arrow

Hit the bullseye and thereby stun your opponent for two instances.




Confuse your opponent. The opponent will hit a random target with their next two attacks/casts.



Spike Shield

Utilize the remaining leftover wood to upgrade your defense. 75% of the opponent's attack is directly reflected back at them for 2 instances.




Boost the regeneration of a friend by 15% for 3 instances.




Shatter the opponent's armor with your mighty strike. Reduces the opponent's Defense by 100% for 3 instances. The impact is so powerful the opponent is stunned for 1 instance.


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