CostsPotential RewardPotential Risk

1 AP

Exp, Items, SPORES, ETH

HP reduction, Death

Defending is the game’s first release version of fighting. The mushroom defends Arborethia, the tree of life, against its attackers. The fighting system in Arborethia is turn based. The mushroom starts the attack phase by striking the enemy with a random value between its minimum and maximum attack value. The creature loses Health Points (HP) equal to: (attack value - its own total defense/4). If the creature's HP are above 0 after this attack, it will strike back by applying the same logic (see formulars at the bottom of the page).

The battle screen

The battle screen is openend when you command one of your characters to fight.

There are different control buttons that either effect the battle or the view on the battle.

  • 1 action button - When pressing this button the selected action will be performed once, followed by an action of the enemy.

  • 2 action toggle - normal attack. Your mushroom will perform an attack with 100% of your attack damage with a miss chance of 15%. Chances can be improved with items.

  • 3 action toggle - strong attack. Your mushroom will perform an attack with 200% of your attack damage with a miss chance of 65%. Chances can be improved with items.

  • 4 action toggle - flee. Your mushroom will attempt to flee from the fight with a 70% success chance.

  • 5 auto action button. The selected action will be performed periodically until the button is pressed again or until the battle is over (i.e. your mushroom or your enemy is defeated or your mushroom fled).

  • 6 skip fight button - available up from character level 2. The whole battle will be visually skipped and the selected action will be performed until the battle is over. The end of battle screen is shown immediately.

  • leave fight button. This button can be pressed when the battle is over to leave the battle screen.

  • 8 information button. When this button is pressed information (HP, attack, defense) of all characters on the battle screen are shown (see picture below).

  • 9 history button. When pressing this button the history (attacks, damage, heal etc.) of the current battle is shown

If a fight is lost:

The Mushroom dies. If the player wants to continue the day with a dead mushroom, there is the option to revive a character. This can be done for the cost of a level-dependent amount of SPORES.

Arborethia revives every fallen defender when a new day begins.

If a fight is won:

The mushroom gets healed by 1/4 of its max HP and receives EXP based on the strength of the defeated creature. The EXP amount can be increased by traits or items. Additionally, there is a chance that the defeated creature drops loot. The loot can either be an item, a random amount of SPORES or even some tasty ETH which is represented in the end of battle screen.

With increasing levels, the character will face more powerful creatures and it will become more difficult to win against those creatures. Items will rise in importance as the game progresses.

Damage formulars:

Atk=(AtkBase+AtkTraitBase+AtkItemBase+AtkSpecItemBase+AtkBuffBase)Atk = (Atk_{Base} + Atk_{TraitBase} + Atk_{ItemBase} + Atk_{SpecItemBase} + Atk_{BuffBase}) *
(1+AtkTraitBonus+AtkItemBonus+AtkSpecItemBonus+AtkBuffBonus)(1 + Atk_{TraitBonus} + Atk_{ItemBonus} + Atk_{SpecItemBonus} + Atk_{BuffBonus})

Def=(DefBase+DefTraitBase+DefItemBase+DefSpecItemBase+DefBuffBase)Def = (Def_{Base} + Def_{TraitBase} + Def_{ItemBase} + Def_{SpecItemBase} + Def_{BuffBase}) *
(1+DefTraitBonus+DefItemBonus+DefSpecItemBonus+DefBuffBonus)(1 + Def_{TraitBonus} + Def_{ItemBonus} + Def_{SpecItemBonus} + Def_{BuffBonus})

HPReduction=AtkDef/4HP_{Reduction} = Atk - Def /4

HPEOA=HPHPReductionHP_{EOA} = HP - HP_{Reduction}
HPEOR=HPEOA+HPRoundEffectsHP_{EOR} = HP_{EOA} + HP_{RoundEffects}

EOA ... End of Attack

EOR ... End of Round

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