In a Nutshell

Champz is an interactive browser-RPG with well-designed Play and Earn mechanics. To play the game, you simply need to log into the game and create your squad of up to six characters (Champz) - totally Free2Play. Additionally you can expand your roster by acquiring one or more Champz NFTs. However if you want to use more than 2 Champz NFTs ingame you need at least 50.000 $CHAMPZ in your wallet (additionally holding more $CHAMPZ increases your earning potential - refer to Play and Earn). In total, the NFT collection consists of 9000 unique Champz, and each of them as well as every Free2Play Champ will be one of six different classes that share their lives in symbiosis with Arborethia, the Tree of Life.

Play and enjoy:

The aim of Champignons of Arborethia is to captivate the player into an imaginary world, where little, but resilient, mushrooms explore their environment and protect their sanctuary against various foes. By battling attackers or exploring the world of Arborethia, the players will gain experience (EXP) and might loot Spores or various helpful items. Form your best squad and participate in thrilling PvP Battles, complete your daily and weekly quests to earn powerful rewards and progress through Arborethia while leveling up your Champz roster.

Play and earn:

The second currency used in Arborethia is Truffles. Truffles can be acquired in different ways and can be exchanged for ETH.

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