In a Nutshell

Champz is an interactive browser-RPG with well-designed Play and Earn mechanics. To play the game, you need to own at least one of the mushroom NFTs. If you want to use more than 2 mushroom NFTs ingame you need at least 50.000 $CHAMPZ in your wallet (additionally holding $CHAMPZ increases your earning potential - refer to Play and Earn). In total, the collection consists of 9000 unique mushrooms, and each mushroom will be one of six different classes that share their lives in symbiosis with Arborethia, the tree of life.

Play and enjoy:

The ambition of Champignons of Arborethia is to captivate the player into an imaginary world, where little but resilient mushrooms explore their environment and protect their sanctuary against various foes. By fighting against attackers, the players will gain experience (EXP), might loot currency (SPORES) and various helpful items. Following key gameplay elements are foreseen for the first release of the game:

  • Fighting

  • Growing (Level-up)

Play and burn:

Champignons of Arborethia offers an interesting play to burn mechanic

  • Foraging or looting to gain SPORES

  • Use SPORES to burn $CHAMPZ

The in-game currency used in Arborethia is SPORES. It will be used for several in-game actions like healing, reviving, equipping of characters, leveling up and burning $CHAMPZ. Later usage will be [redacted] The following chapters describe the gameplay and in-game mechanics in more detail.

Play and earn:

  • Complete daily quests to earn ETH

  • Fight and loot for the chance of an Arborethias blessing drop.

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