Last Champ Standing

Last Champ Standing runs in seasons and is a single player and single character fighting mode. Every Champ can participate once per season only and the mode does not feature skip fight.

When a Champ is in idle mode (meaning it is neither dead, nor fighting, exploring or foraging), and a Last Champ Standing season is active, it will have the option in the character's action menu.

Starting with Last Champ Standing, the character will be full HP, full Mana and the mode does not cost AP. The character will always face an opponent at their exact level.

If the fight is won, a new encounter will appear and the Wave counter will increase. The char will not gain EXP. The new encounter will be a level higher than the previous one (capped to level 20). The Champ will keep the HP and Mana it had at the end of the previous fight.

If a fight is lost, regardless if the Champ ran away or died, it will have no effect on the Champ's status. It will neither lose HP, Mana nor be dead at the end. But it will not be able to participate in Last Champ Standing anymore for the remaining season.

Every player will face the exact same sequence of enemies. The only difference is their starting level.

A leaderboard will keep informed about which chars are still in the race for the top positions. If two chars ended Last Champ Standing in the same wave, the final position is derived by how much of its max HP the enemy had left in %. The winner is who survived the most waves and dealt the most damage to the enemy in the last wave.

Clicking on a char in the leaderboard reveals more info about it's stats and equipped items during their run.

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