Roles and Permissions


The Guild System introduces a robust role management feature, allowing guild leaders to define roles, customize permissions, and delegate responsibilities among guild members. Two default roles, "Founder" and "Member," set the initial structure, and additional roles can be created to suit the unique needs of each guild.

Default Roles:

  1. Founder:

    • This role is automatically assigned to the guild creator and possesses all permissions.

    • Permissions:

      • Edit Info

      • Maintain Roles

      • Assign Roles

      • Handle Join Requests

      • Kick Members

      • Item Treasury

      • Spores Treasury

      • Truffles Treasury

  2. Member:

    • This role serves as the default landing role for new members, devoid of any permissions.

    • Permissions: None

Customizable Roles and Permissions:

Guild leaders have the flexibility to add new roles and tailor the permissions associated with each role to align with the guild's structure and objectives.

Available Permissions:

  1. Edit Info:

    • Allows members to change the guild description, name and logo.

  2. Maintain Roles:

    • Enables members to manage all roles, excluding the Founder role.

  3. Assign Roles:

    • Grants the ability to assign roles to guild members.

  4. Handle Join Requests:

    • Permits members to accept or decline join requests from prospective guild members.

  5. Kick Members:

    • Empowers members to remove other guild members from the guild.

  6. Item Treasury:

    • Allows members to distribute items from the guild treasury to other guild members.

  7. Spores Treasury:

    • Permits members to distribute spores from the guild treasury to other guild members.

  8. Truffles Treasury:

    • Grants members the authority to distribute truffles from the guild treasury to other guild members.

Role Management Interface:

  1. Accessing Role Management:

    • Roles with the "Maintain Role" permission can navigate to the role management interface within the guild settings.

  2. Creating New Roles:

    • Roles with the "Maintain Role" permission have the option to create new roles and define their names and associated permissions.

  3. Editing Permissions:

    • Roles with the "Maintain Role" permission can customize permissions for each role, tailoring them to meet the specific needs of the guild.

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