Guild Log

The Guild Log Window serves as a comprehensive record, chronicling the history and key events within the guild from its formation to ongoing activities. This log provides valuable insights into the guild's journey, including member actions, treasury transactions, and significant milestones.

Accessing the Log Window:

  1. Navigation:

    • Access the Log Window directly from the guild interface or designated menu.

  2. Chronological Display:

    • The log entries are presented chronologically, allowing for a coherent and sequential overview of guild events.

Recorded Guild Events:

  1. Guild Formation:

    • The log begins with the formation of the guild, providing a historical context for its origin.

  2. Member Join and Leave Events:

    • Capture moments when members join or leave the guild, establishing a clear timeline of membership changes.

  3. Treasury Transactions:

    • Detailed records of donations to the treasuries and distributions from the item, spores, and truffles treasuries.

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