In-game Tokenomics SPORES

The in-game currency in the Arborethia is SPORES.

The daily amount that will be rewarded for staking and fighting for a level 1 character is in the range of 40 SPORES and will increase with every character level.

Purely from a SPORES perspective it is more efficient to fight than forage in the "early game", and to forage in the "late game" while the two methods are equally efficient around Level 10. The shift in efficiency can be seen in the graphic below.

The table below shows the amount of SPORES a character gets rewarded with for foraging vs. fighting depending on the character level (no itemization impact is included; the average amount that can be expected from fighting is shown).

This shift in efficiency entails many strategic decisions - even if foraging yields more SPORES in higher levels, a character that is fighting might also be rewarded with items that are almost required to progress through the game.

A history over all earned/spent SPORES can be accessed through clicking on your SPORES balance

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