Arborethias Blessing (ETH)

Every once in a while, our beloved Tree-of Life rewards the most diligent warriors of Arborethia with its blessing.

The Blessing

The blessing contains one or more major ETH packages (e.g., one 1 ETH package, 3 packages of 0.3 ETH, or 2 packages of 0.5 ETH, etc.). Every time a brave Warrior successfully defends Arborethia, there is a chance to be rewarded with one of these packages. If you hold less than 50.000 $CHAMPZ token in your wallet, the chance of a blessing drop will be halfed). These rewards are not available all the time. As long as these rare rewards are available, they will be showcased in the droppable section.

Claiming of the Blessing follows the same rules as claiming other ETH drops.

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