Character Rebirth


All EXP, minimum Character Level 15

Level 1 character, additional attribute, additional rewards for the daily login


Rebirth is a functionality available from level 15 onwards. It will reset the EXP of a character to zero, thus setting its level back to 1. You can rebirth every character maximum two times.

To perform a rebirth, press the button that is available for every character from level 15 onwards.

Each rebirth brings substential benefits:

  1. The character gets an additional random attribute, called secondary attribute. This is a new bonus and can not be the same type as the already existing one (For the possible attribute bonuses refer to Characters). The value ranges for the secondary attributes is 50% lower than the range for the according main attribute. E.g. Priest main attribute: 3% - 9% Heal as secondary attribute: 3% - 6%

  1. After every rebirth the character gets a new title. After the first rebirth a character gets the title Guardian of Arborethia, displayed with one star next to the characters name. After the second rebirth the character can be entitled as Champignon of Arborethia, displayed with two stars.

  1. Every rebirth increased the daily login reward for the player (see Play2Earn chapter)

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