Character Level Reset


The Level Reset System is a feature designed to provide players with the ability to reset a character to level one, resetting all accumulated experience points (EXP) and unequipping all items. However, the character retains its inherent traits and rebirthed states. This system primarily caters to new players who acquire higher-level characters from marketplaces, allowing them to start fresh and progress through the game at their own pace.


  1. Reset Process:

    • To initiate a character reset, players can access the option through the character level bubble

  2. Outcome:

    • Upon confirmation, the character will revert to level one, losing all accumulated EXP.

    • All items equipped on the character will be unequipped and returned to the player's inventory.

    • The character's traits and rebirthed states, however, will remain intact, ensuring a sense of continuity and progression.


  1. New Player Empowerment:

    • The Character Rebirth System is particularly beneficial for new players who acquire higher-level characters through p2p marketplaces.

    • This feature allows them to reset the character, providing a fresh start to experience the game from the beginning.

  2. Independent Progression:

    • By resetting a character, players can embark on their journey, gradually leveling up and collecting suitable gear.

  3. Addressing the Hen/Egg Problem:

    1. Gear Acquisition:

      • Higher-level characters often require proper gear for effective combat.

      • However, obtaining gear is challenging without engaging in combat, creating a cycle where gear is needed to fight, but fighting is needed to acquire gear.

    2. Solution:

      • The Character Level Reset System breaks this cycle by allowing players to reset and start at level one, enabling them to gradually build up their character's strength through combat and gear acquisition.


The Character Level Reset System provides a strategic solution for players acquiring higher-level characters, promoting independent progression, and breaking the cycle of the hen/egg problem. This feature enhances the overall player experience by offering flexibility and empowerment to navigate the game world in a way that suits individual preferences and playstyles.

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